#1 Horace

Born: 1966   |   Coming to VA since: 1991   |   Artforms: Everything

Proudest VA moment: “Making Julie Hesmondhalgh’s wedding dress in ceramic. She came to see it and she said it was good. Someone took a picture of me and Julie. It made me feel proud.”

Horace Lindezey is one of our longest-running participants.  He’s a talented multidisciplinary artist with great skills in ceramics and embroidery. You can see some of his work here.


At Venture Arts he can explore all his interests, which include weddings, trains, weddings on trains, soap stars of the past and present, and Carry-On films.

He’s been working on a ‘Wedding Book’ over the past year:


“It’s a big album book of people getting married. People from Emmerdale farm, Coronation Street, and Eastenders. There’s one from the Avengers – a man and a woman got married on a train.”


A recent highlight for Horace was a visit from Corrie’s very own Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh). We were all thrilled when she popped by the studio to see his ceramic creation inspired by her on-screen wedding dress, and an embroidery based on her wedding to Roy Cropper.

#1 Horace Lindezey

Horace is a popular fixture in the local community, and loves meeting new people.  Hulme residents know Horace well, and his familiar conversation-opener, in which he wows people with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the tunes that topped the charts when they were born.


For learning disabled people, feeling like part of a community can be hard. Many are chronically lonely. This isn’t helped by the fact that two thirds of the public admit to being uncomfortable talking to disabled people (Scope, 2014).  But at VA, people like Horace can meet friendly faces every day.


Please support Venture Arts, and help Horace and others like him to explore their passions, make great friends and feel a sense of place and belonging.  We are a charity, and can only do this life-changing work thanks to people like you.


“Why should people give money to Venture Arts? So people can carry on enjoying themselves. And keep the building going.” – Horace Lindezey