#6 Amy

#6 Amy

Born: 1992   |   Coming to VA since: 2013  |   Artforms: Photography, drawing, textiles, ceramics

Proudest VA moment: “The health and safety photographs – I am getting paid and I am doing it by myself.”

Amy Ellison is a big personality at Venture Arts. Highly sociable and active, she gets involved in as many events and projects as she can. She’s a member of our learning disability-led steering group, and attends our Footy Club every Monday. In her spare time she loves singing, dancing, writing songs, and she’s learning to play guitar.


Amy is an excellent photographer, and last year created a beautiful series of portraits of children with Downs Syndrome.

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The quality of her photographs led to her being commissioned for a commercial project earlier this year, cataloguing health and safety equipment.


Amy is multi-skilled in a range of art forms. She loves sewing: “I am making a table patchwork blanket with flowers and birds on. I do sewing at home as well, I make pillows for my nieces.”


Not to mention ceramics – in which she is currently celebrating her love of Take That by making pottery busts of Gary Barlow and Jason Orange.

During Learning Disability Week 2018 one of Amy’s drawings was seen online by thousands of people. With the hashtag #ColourInCorrie, the piece showcased the talents of a brilliant learning disabled artist whilst also inspiring Coronation Street fans far and wide to get colouring!


Amy takes every opportunity to learn, grow and use her skills. Worryingly, over a third of people tend to think of disabled people as “not as productive as everyone else”. We want to put an end to these kinds of perceptions.

Amy Ellison, 'Coronation Street Weddings', ink on paper, 2018

Amy was one of a select group picked to be part of VA’s Conversations Series II, a five-month residency in which artists with and without leaning disabilities created exciting new work together. The results are being shown at major galleries in Liverpool, Hull and Greater Manchester. She’s proud to be part of it: “I’ve been making ipad drawings and clothes, the work is going to the Tate – I’m so happy and grateful.


Next up on Amy’s packed itinerary she will be trying her hand as a wedding photographer, a dream come true for her – we can’t wait to see the results!