#7 Lou

#7 Louise

Born: 1990   |   Coming to VA since: 2012        |   ArtformsTextiles, printmaking, ceramics 

Proudest VA moment“Selling my ceramic wreath at the Venture Arts Christmas Fair.” 

Lou is a textile artist, print maker and ceramicist whose world is saturated with shades of fuschia, rose, cerise, and coral. She makes no bones about it:


“I’m a girly girl. I like pink, teddies, makeup.” 

#7 Louise 1

Before coming to VA, Lou struggled with social situations and found it hard to stick at regular activities outside of her home 


Disabled people experience disproportionate levels of social isolation and loneliness. Research by the Jo Cox Commission revealed that almost half of disabled people feel lonely ‘most days’This is in large part due to the attitudes of others: negative reactions can deter many disabled people from taking part in education, leisure activities and social outings.


Coming to us each week gives Lou, and many others like her, a sense of belonging and connectedness.  This has a big impact on her wellbeing, and she says of VA: 


 “It’s like therapy – it makes me feel better”. 

She has also been able to develop a distinctive artistic style, creating amongst other things, vibrant fabric ‘plushes’ – soft sculptures that celebrate her passion for everything cute and fluffy.  

At VA we give our participants the freedom and the one-to-one support they need to find their own artistic identity. Lou rightly feels that she has come a long way since joining – when asked to sum up Venture Arts in a word she says “Achieve. And success. 


Next she wants to do some modelling, and make a plush for my hero George Sampson.  


Why does Lou think people should give to Venture Arts? 


“So we can do more stuff. Have more exhibitions and show our work off to the whole world!!”