#8 Ahmed

#8 Ahmed

Born: 1992   |   Coming to VA since: 2016   |   Artforms: Drawing, printmaking, mixed media, ceramics

Proudest VA moment: Selling all three of his exhibited works at The Manchester Contemporary 2017

We’re thrilled to have discovered the immense artistic talent of Ahmed Mohammed, who has quickly become one of Venture Arts’ biggest success stories.


Before joining Venture Arts, Ahmed would produce reams and reams of drawing on his mother’s kitchen table, destroying her tablecloths on a regular basis. Coming to VA has given him a vital outlet for his creative self-expression, and a chance to develop his skills in new directions.


Ahmed has an instinctive method of drawing in a bold, repetitive style. He often wears a big grin as he works, and it’s evident that art makes him incredibly happy. Recently he has been exploring printmaking, producing vibrant, colourful compositions based on his favourite foods such as chicken, burgers and ice cream:

#8 Ahmed 6 #8 Ahmed 7

A big moment for Ahmed came in 2017 when he sold a triptych of his drawings to art collectors at The Manchester Contemporary, a major showcase of leading UK and international galleries.

#8 Ahmed 3 #8 Ahmed 4 #8 Ahmed 5

He has since exhibited for a second time at The Manchester Contemporary, and also has his prints emblazoned on Venture Arts’ hugely popular shopping bag series: get yours now before they sell out!


It’s taken a long time for learning disabled artists to be shown on prestigious platforms, on a level pegging with other contemporary artists. Learning disabled people’s creative voices are rarely heard, because they do not get the opportunity to go to art school or develop their practice through traditional channels of education. And that’s not just a tragedy for learning disabled people: the art-viewing public miss out on the rich creativity, diverse viewpoints and talent of these artists too.


 At VA we are changing this, because we believe that artists like Ahmed deserve for their work to be seen.


We work with talented learning disabled artists at VA every day, but we often wonder how many more are out there with talents waiting to be found and nurtured. By donating today, you can you help us find them.