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We work with schools in Manchester running exciting, fun, ten-week art projects for young people.


Schools Projects 2


Your school can choose from art forms such as textiles, ceramics, animation, photography, film or 3D multimedia. We plan the project with you in advance, taking into account your school’s priorities.


Sessions are led by our professional artists and co-facilitated by fully trained ‘artistic mentors’ who have a learning disability.


The projects give young people new creative experiences, whilst also teaching them about learning disability. This helps break down stereotypes and change attitudes so that learning disabled people are more likely to be treated fairly and with respect in our society:


“They were helpful and skilful and now I’ll know what to do when I meet another adult with learning disabilities.” | KS2 pupil


I wish there were more projects of this nature. The children who attended the project developed many attributes through working with Issy and Jess, such as acceptance, tolerance and a heightened awareness that you must not judge people before you take the time to get to know them.” | KS2 teacher


Read about a recent project with Rolls Crescent Primary School here

And for children in SEND settings it can be hugely valuable to see people like themselves in positions of leadership and employment (we pay our artistic mentors for their work):


Giving the children the experience of working with learning disabled artists was highly valuable as it gave them an example of aspirations that they might be able to fulfil in the future.” | Deputy headteacher, SEND secondary


“Being a teacher is good – you feel like you’re making a difference to the children’s lives.” Liam, artistic mentor


Pupils will also get to see their work exhibited in a high profile public space – such as The Lowry or Manchester Central Library – as part of our annual Young People’s Exhibition. We’ll invite you to a fantastic opening event where your class can celebrate their achievements alongside friends and family – and their work will remain on show to be admired by gallery visitors over several weeks.


To talk about working with Venture Arts at your school, or if you’d like more information, contact


We can also work with you as an Artsmark Partner: more information here.

These projects have been made possible by a grant from People’s Postcode Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

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