Create to Educate – Working in Schools

We work with schools in Manchester running exciting, fun, ten-week workshop programmes for young people of all ages.

The workshops are led by our professional artists and co-facilitated by fully trained ‘Learning Mentors’ who have a learning disability.


Working with 6 different schools per year these workshops enable young people to gain new arts experiences and also to learn about learning disability in the process. The projects break down stereotypes and change attitudes so that people who have a learning disability can be treated fairly and equally in our society.



We are immensely proud of our ‘Learning Mentors’, most of whom have never been able to access paid work that matches their skills before, as they work consistently hard on these projects and have passed on their talents to young people.


These projects have been made possible by a grant from People’s Postcode Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Create to Educate - Working in Schools 3