Ahmed Mohammed (b.1992)

Artist Biography


Ahmed used to draw at home all day, producing reams of repetitious, semi-abstract work on his family’s kitchen table. Since coming to Venture Arts he has discovered his artistic identity and developed a creative practise which spans textile art, printing, ceramics, drawing, photography and multimedia. He has a compulsion to draw which involves a cyclical gestural drawing process.



Mohammed’s work comes from a compulsion to draw, and to rip up and destroy these initial drawings. This forms a cycle of creation and destruction where the initial ripped drawings are used to make new paper, adding other found elements such as leaves and twigs into the pulp, which when dried, is then used again for drawing on. The gestural drawing process allows for Mohammed to express himself freely, without inhibition, making his mark purely according to whim.


– Tom Emery, Untitled, triptych by Ahmed Mohammed,  Venture Arts presents, The Manchester Contemporary


Recent Exhibitions:



PERSPECTIVES, Greater Manchester, Venture Arts, December 2018


Spilling Out, Joint presentation with Castlefield Gallery and Venture Arts, The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester Central, Manchester 2018


Venture Arts Presents…, The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester Central, Manchester 2017


Acquired work: Ahmed sold all his featured work during the opening night of Venture Arts Presents at The Manchester Contemporary 2017.