Chelsea Dalton (b.1984)

Chelsea Dalton depicts animals of all kinds. She is particularly inspired by cats, both real and imaginary.

Artist Biography

Chelsea Dalton was born in Canada. She moved to England in 2016 and started attending Venture Arts in 2019.  She began a series of beautiful prints of animals in 2019, and has continued producing these during the lockdowns.


How long have you been making art?


“A long time, since I was in Kindergarten.”


What are your favourite art materials to work with?


“Pencils and pencil crayons.”


What is your art about?


“Just my imagination and my creative voice. Also, my favourite animals.”


What, or who, inspires you as an artist?


“Animals are my inspiration, and when I look outside, the trees and stuff I usually see is my inspiration.

“My cat Tina has been my inspiration because when I look at pictures of her, I want to draw that. I also like to draw my dream cats, Ginny and Lily.”


Why is art important to you?


“I like being an artist and being creative. It makes me feel great and it makes me feel relaxed when I feel anxious about something. Whenever I’m feeling something like sad, I can just draw, and that can help.”


What has been your proudest moment as an artist?


“My favourite artworks that I’ve done are my cat pictures. Because they are my inspiration to draw.  I also did a stitching project with Laura, and made ‘The Cat Who Loves Spring’, it was my first masterpiece!”


Is there anything else you would like to say about your art?


“I like my artwork because it’s fun to draw and sometimes do print painting too.”



Completely A Hustling Place, Manchester Central Library, 2021.