Florence (b.1990)

Artist Biography

Florence has been attending Venture Arts since 2014. She is a talented textile artist and uses thread to create lists of her personal passions, such as favourite TV shows and musicals. She achieved Arts Award Bronze in 2015.



How long have you been making art?


‘About seven years ago I started to come to Venture Arts to do an Arts Award.  I have come to Venture Arts ever since.’


What are your favourite art materials to work with?


‘Ceramics and embroidery. I like sewing and using fabrics.’


What is your art about?


‘About me and how I see things. I like to sew birds and flowers. I sew words and lists like shows I’ve been to see in the theatre.’


Why is art important to you?


‘I enjoy making and being proud of what I can do. I feel happy. The more I do, the more I learn and the more I enjoy.’




Completely A Hustling Place, Manchester Central Library, 2021.


PERSPECTIVES, Venture Arts, various venues in Manchester and Salford, 2018.


Bronze Arts Award Celebration Exhibition, Venture Arts, 2015.