Jennie Franklin (b.1991)

Jennie Franklin has been working with Venture Arts for over 4 years. In her art work she experiments with wide and varied techniques from Lino printing, ink and line drawings to sculptural pieces inspired by everyday objects.

Artist Biography


Franklin takes inspiration from found imagery, from leaflets and flyers and other paraphernalia, which she then interprets in her own style, picking and choosing from various sources to make her own compositions. Events and feelings that occur at the time of her drawing permeate the artwork- making for varied and personal pieces of art. 


An ambiguous piece of abstract art created by her banal compulsion to collect black plastic drinking straws. Franklin transforms them by cutting and ironing out the material into a large blemished sheet. No longer recognisable as their original form, they appear almost bark-like; an intriguing texture for something so stark in comparison.  (‘Collected Straws’, black straws, glue and ink, 2016)


– Chris Connelly, Corridor 8




Recent Exhibitions


Jennie Franklin: ‘Well Done, Good Draw’, solo show, Bury Art Museum, 5th March – 28th April  2019


Spilling Out – joint presentation with Venture Arts and Castlefield Gallery, The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester Central Convention Centre, October 2018


PERSPECTIVES, Venture Arts, Manchester and Salford, 2018


Venture Arts presents, The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester, 2017


Manifest Arts Festival, Manchester and Salford, 2017


MADE, Venture Arts full studio show, People’s History Museum, Manchester, 2015



Jennie’s Art

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‘Jennie’s Art’ is a community enterprise to enable Jennie Franklin to create unique, personal cards and gifts.


More information about Jennie’s Art can be found here:’s-art.aspx


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Jennie’s work also features on the Outside In online gallery.