Luca Agathogli (b.1992)


Luca Agathogli is a young and emerging artist who has been working with Venture Arts since 2013. He uses photography and computer graphics to merge his fascination with the world around him with fantastical influences to produce his intricate and multi-layered art works.

Artist Biography


Using photo-editing software, Agathogli digitally manipulates the images he takes to create surreal, dream-like snapshots. With ‘The Tower’ he focuses on a building on the edge of the void, an outpost with nothing but pure-nothingness behind it. Coupled with the electric-blue he uses to highlight the architectural detail, this real-world scene becomes fantastical and enigmatic.


– Tom Emery, Co-curator, Venture Arts presents, The Manchester Contemporary




Venture Arts presents, The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester Central, 2017


MADE, Venture Arts full studio show, The People’s History Museum,  Manchester, 2015


The Art of Nature, Venture Arts full studio show, The Lowry, Salford Quays, 2013


Luca also features on the Outside In online gallery