Malik Jama (b.1986)

Artist Biography

Malik Jama is an artist based at Venture Arts. His practice focuses on digitally manipulating photography and film. Malik’s projection mapping is ambitious and he is most recently working with light and motion on large scale murals.


Malik was recently commissioned by LAC Collective to create a bespoke projection mapping piece for Soup Kitchen, transforming the basement walls with light and photographic collage, mapped perfectly to the industrial fittings of the space.


Malik’s passion for photography focuses mainly on architecture and industry as well of bodies of water. He transforms original images into a dystopian and hallucinatory world of colour, using motifs from disaster movies, heavy with sci-fi feeling and hypnotic rhythm.


“Art makes me happy. I love taking photos, buildings are my favourite”.




Something on the Wall, Commission by LAC Collective for ‘You Don’t Love Yourself?’, Soup Kitchen Manchester, 2022.


Completely A Hustling Place, Venture Arts Studio Show, Manchester Central Library, 2021.


Talking Sense, The Portico Library, 2020.


Perspectives, Manchester and Salford, various venues, 2018.


MADE, Venture Arts Studio Show, People’s History Museum, 2015.


The Art of Nature, Venture Arts Studio Show, The Lowry, Salford Quays, 2014.


Articulate, Venture Arts Studio Show, The Lowry , Salford Quays, 2013.