EXHIBITION | Altered Space | Online

Venture Arts have joined forces with fellow arts charities Project Ability in Glasgow and ActionSpace in London on x3 – a series of exhibitions to showcase the work of our amazing artists, which began with Electric Dreams, hosted by ourselves at Venture Arts and available to view here.

‘Altered Space’ is the second of three exhibitions in the x3 series and this time it is hosted by Project Ability. The exhibition explores the ways we view our environment, reflecting on the past year and the resulting shift in how we interact with space.



The work in the show incorporates different approaches and mediums. Luca Agathogli creates intricate and multi-layered digital artworks, and Thomas Owen uses coloured pens to render multi-angled landscapes. Ronnie Stokesley’s paintings are bold and distinctly composed, whilst brother Paul Stokesley creates sparse abstract compositions that allude to man-made forms.


The issue of how to negotiate public space is a new consideration for the majority in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, however for many neurodiverse people – including artists from our supported studios – interaction with public space is not a new concern, as environments are not designed to meet their needs. Digital participation has improved access for some, but for others it has caused additional barriers, as some artists don’t have internet access at home.


“We will try and not leave anyone behind when we reopen the studio, but we will struggle to maintain what will effectively be two programmes – one for people who can access the studio and one for people at home still shielding because of health complications or because they are plain fearful and have lost confidence.”
Elisabeth Gibson, Project Ability


In light of the pandemic and the additional strain placed on our already stretched resources, the x3 exhibitions aim not only to promote the exceptional work and talents of the artists who are supported by ActionSpace, Project Ability and Venture Arts, but also to raise wider awareness as to the vital and encompassing nature of the services these charities provide.


“The kind of services we provide are often viewed as non-essential but there are so many examples of why they are in fact absolutely fundamental, at this time more than ever.”
Amanda Sutton, Venture Arts


The final exhibition of the x3 collaboration will be hosted by ActionSpace and will be launched later this summer.