EXHIBITION | Ritual Patterns | Online

Ritual Patterns is the latest online exhibition in the ‘x3’ series by ActionSpace, Project Ability and Venture Arts.



This exhibition brings together three artists: Kwaga Sillingi (ActionSpace), Marina Devlin (Project Ability) and Neelam Ahmad (Venture Arts). Ritual Patterns explores these artists’ interpretations of rituals, repetition, and pattern. Relishing in colour, pattern and spirituality, Ritual Patterns examines how each of these artists incorporates ritual into their practice through repetition of shapes, motifs and transcendent influences. 


The exhibition is audio described. Audio descriptions are written and voiced by ActionSpace artists Albert Heaney McKinnell and Jide Bamgbose.


‘x3’ is an exhibition partnership between the supported artist studios ActionSpace (London), Project Ability (Glasgow) and Venture Arts (Manchester). The partnership stemmed out of the closing of galleries during the pandemic and has provided a platform for neurodivergent artists to exhibit their work and connect with other artists across the United Kingdom.


Kwaga Silingi (ActionSpace) paints expansive abstract paintings. Developing her own systematic process of painting, Kwaga’s distinct style combines collage and painting by layering expressive cyclical gestures to form mighty paintings that rhythmically shift across the paper. 


Marina Devlin (Project Ability) creates symbolic paintings that reference rituals in the animal kingdom, natural history and symbolic figures. Marina’s complex compositions balance shade created by leaves and nature with luminous, bright light. Her paintings are a force of positivity that invite the viewer to closely examine the natural, spiritual world she has created. 


Neelam Ahmad (Venture Arts) creates intricate, glowing digital drawings inspired by the delicate patterns of henna designs. Traditionally drawn directly on to the body, Neelam extracts henna patterns and translates them into digital drawings using layered tones and brush sizes to create intricate drawings that float and glow in space. 



Ritual Patterns can be viewed here from the 28th September.