Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making


Artists Andrew Johnstone, Horace Lindzey and Barry Anthony Finan were selected to exhibit in this highly acclaimed touring exhibition. Radical Craft celebrates creativity by self-taught artists from across the UK and abroad, who make work in a private domain outside the mainstream.

The exhibition showcases artworks by historically renowned artists associated with Outsider Art alongside contemporary and self-taught artists who see themselves as facing barriers to the art world for reasons including health, learning disability, social circumstance or isolation.


Themes included in the exhibition include radical missions in which artists have a passion for a particular subject or technique; intuitive responses to textiles employed as a non-verbal means of engaging with the outside world and autobiographical responses to the natural or urban environment.
The work featured by Horace Lindezey was a series of textile inspired illustrations on metal work featuring a selection of Lindezey’s suits, each annotated with its own stories and memories. Barry Anthony Finan’s featured work was a textile piece depicting a book shop.


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