This is how you do it, this is how you make the world more diverse, engaged, inclusive, equal and more importantly better for all of us”


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Venture Arts has changed my sons life for the better!” 

Personally, I have been inspired by Venture Arts to offer new and exciting learning opportunities in art to the pupils I teach” –

”Venture Arts has developed and delivered two art projects with two special schools that I have taught in during the last three years. The artists from Venture Arts have promoted a positive and enthusiastic attitude in the pupils towards art and have motivated them to create some imaginative and challenging pieces. The pupils have had their art work displayed alongside the work of their peers in mainstream schools in arts venues in Manchester. Venture Arts has given young adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to share their passion for art and the skills they have acquired by working as learning mentors in the schools participating in the the projects. This is invaluable and meaningful work experience for them. The workshops run by Venture Arts at their base in Hulme offer people with disabilities an opportunity to continue to develop and learn, often when no further educational provision is available to them. Personally I have been inspired by Venture Arts to offer new and exciting learning opportunities in art to the pupils I teach. They are an outstanding example of an organisation working to ensure that all sections of the community are included in the arts.” – Teacher


“Venture Arts are a truly unique organisation in Manchester who support, encourage and inspire some of the most vulnerable members of the community.”


Where else could she be given such a great opportunity?

“My daughter with Downs’ Syndrome attends Venture Arts. She’s enjoyed a range of creative activities, but especially photography and pottery. As part of a work scheme, in partnership with a local school, Venture Arts enabled my daughter to be a tutor to teach primary children about being a potter. Where else could she be given such a great opportunity? And what a great way to break down barriers by show casing my daughter’s talent to children learning about pottery. Venture Arts is a fantastic organisation. Learning disabled people who attend have a great time, learning new skills in visual arts along with communications skills. It regularly arranges exhibitions in different places across Manchester and Salford, continually striving to get the message across to a wider public.


Venture Arts Projects


“They were able to overtly challenge elitism within the art world. There was a real sense of making visible the constraints of the art world that exist for everybody, not just for disabled artists. There was also a strong sense of comradery and that they were working as a group to create a collective practice”– Sarah Munro, Director, BALTIC CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART


Venture Arts promotes arts based education and arts practice in a range of innovative ways. The arts practice of learning disabled artists is valued and promoted via this energising arts based community.

“Venture Arts do a wonderfully professional and inspiring job with my son Adam and his friends, who are severely disabled. The imagination and creativity exhibited by the staff and volunteers is fantastic. Long may they continue!”


“I have know of Venture Arts for a number of years now and volunteered and worked for them for just under two years. There are lots of organisations tackling diversity across the UK currently but I’m not sure I know of an organisation that is doing more – in such a dynamic, life changing and ground breaking way – than Venture Arts. To see individual peoples lives positively changed through the tireless work of the staff and artists of the organisation always fills me with huge pride. They help to develop artists into internationally recognised figures, they bring joy and happiness to people in our communities who are often forgotten about or thought about last minute. Venture Arts ensures the people they engage with are the first thought and are central to all of their work. Helping to ensure people with a learning disability with artistic talent become integrated and included in the ‘real world’ through giving them life chances, celebrating their artistic chances and treating everyone as equals and important. It has been a pleasure connecting with Venture Arts and the way they work and engage gives me the spirit each day to understand – ‘this is how you do it, this is how you make the world more diverse, engaged, inclusive, equal and more importantly better for all of us’ Thank you Venture Arts.” – Volunteer, Venture Arts


Art Jam Venture Arts Exhibition -The Lowry Leslie Thompson, the Superstar Artist Drawer 6


“Venture Arts came into our Special Needs School and delivered sessions to our children – they were incredibly inclusive and really well received by our children with varying needs from Autism to Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties” – Teacher


“I joined Venture Arts about 6 months ago, I like the building and doing textiles and photography. I do work experience at Manchester museum and I’m going to do a speech on 21st July there about the archery. I’ve invited people from work, my cousins and my friends, Laura, Jo and Jackie.” – Artist, Venture Arts


“PHM has worked with Venture Arts for a number of years, from hosting exhibitions to regular work placements. It is a pleasure to work with their organisation and artists, whose varied roles and artworks add so much to the museum experience – for staff, volunteers and visitors.” – Peoples History Museum


“Their work is not tokenistic and incredibly inclusive”

“Venture arts are incredibly professional arts organisation who produce real art to an amazing creative and professional artistic standard. Working positively with people with learning disabilities . Their work is not tokenistic and incredibly inclusive . An example of how to work with people with learning disabilities”