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“By refusing to distinguish between outsiders and non-outsiders, everyone is able to just be an artist”

Tom Emery,  The Double Negative



“… if the point of art is opening up other ways of seeing the world, then these voices need to be heard.”

Sara Jaspan, Corridor 8



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Venture Arts Presents, The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester

“All the artists on show carry a poignancy throughout their work. Each piece has been tendered using unique traits of the artist. Their skills and their quirks have all been poured into the work, creating something rich in personality.”

Chris Connelly, Corridor 8


“This is a new experience for me, as it is my first time curating an exhibition. It was a challenge to make decisions about which art works to display, as in terms of quality they were all fantastic. So Tom and I went with our intuition on the pieces we felt were truly striking and would work best to show the diversity of art work that is produced by artists labelled ‘learning disabled’.” – James Desser, co-curator, Venture arts presents

Venture Arts showcase learning-disabled artists at Manchester Contemporary Art Fair

Joe Turnball, Disability Arts Online


ELEVATE: ACE awards £5.3m to support the ‘Creative Case for Diversity’

Stephen Palmer, AN Magazine