Here at Venture Arts we would not be able to continue to offer the excellence in our work without the ongoing dedication of those people who volunteer with us. People who volunteer with us find the experience very rewarding and many have gone on to use their experiences in a wide range of future careers.

We always need volunteers to support those we work with in achieving and creating! We are looking for Workshop Assistants to support our Art Tutors in our art workshops.


No prior experience is necessary, but an interest in the Arts and / or Health and Social Care is beneficial.


As a volunteer at Venture Arts, you are directly helping people with learning disabilities to learn and develop new skills, produce excellent artwork and increase their wellbeing.

Volunteers at Venture Arts come from all walks of life – student, professional, creative, social care and health and we welcome this diversity, valuing everyone’s individual and unique contribution.


Volunteers choose to give their time to Venture Arts for many reasons – to gain experience in community arts, social care, psychology, education and health; for a school or university placement; as part of a volunteering scheme; or simply to spend their time doing something enjoyable in the community.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact laura@venturearts.org