Great reasons to support Venture Arts

The outcomes and impacts of Venture Arts’ work are far-reaching.

We asked a few of the people who know us best to give their great reasons to support Venture Arts. They also tell us what they like best about us.


Sally – Venture Arts artist (pictured with her dad, Chris): 

“A great reason to support Venture Arts is it makes neurodivergent people feel empowered and valued through visual art. It’s the only place where I truly feel welcome and treated like an important person.


The best thing about Venture Arts is that it’s very hard to just think of just one thing that I really like about Venture Arts, as I can think of lots of things. They have given me so many exciting opportunities, a group of some really special and close friends, and have really supported me with developing my own unique art style.”

Chris – Sally’s dad and Venture Arts supporter:

“My great reason for supporting Venture Arts is that they can change the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society for the better. They provide genuinely enriching opportunities in a safe space.


The best thing about Venture Arts from my perspective is that they have provided so many opportunities for my daughter to develop as an artist and as a person.”


Alison – Venture Arts volunteer (pictured with artist Emma):

“I first started volunteering with Venture Arts as a way of contributing to the local community and engaging with members of society who are often undervalued and overlooked. I saw it as a way of being able to impart any knowledge and skills that I had, but instead I find myself learning from the artists every day that I attend, not just artistically but on a social and personal value basis.


It’s incredibly rewarding to get to know the artists and be able to help facilitate their artistic and therefore personal development.”


Laura – Venture Arts art tutor and volunteer coordinator:

“Your support helps us continue the work we do within such a vibrant, energetic and inspiring art studio. The creativity that emerges is astounding!


The best thing about Venture Arts is feeling constantly challenged. We strive to reach the creative potential within everyone and within everything we do.  It is this which keeps us on our toes and continually growing!”



For more great reasons to support Venture Arts watch our short film: