Helpful hints for champion fundraisers

If you’re raising funds for Venture Arts, these handy hints might be helpful: 

1. Make it official

A good first step is to set up a fundraising page (for example on Just Giving or another fundraising platform of your choice), then send the link to everyone you know who might like to support your challenge.

2. Tell your story

Fill your fundraising page with engaging content and tell people why you care about Venture Arts. While you are preparing for the event, don’t forget to give your supporters regular updates to keep them interested. Keep your fundraising page fresh with photos or even videos of your progress and, of course, on the big day itself!

3. Pull in every favour

Make the best of all your contacts, networks and communities – don’t be shy about asking them to help promote your fundraising efforts e.g. on their social media channels and through word of mouth. Very often, people are happy to support a good cause and will be pleased to help.

4. Recruit

Taking part in an event can be more fun as a group (following Covid-19 Government guidelines on social distancing etc.). Find some friends to join in with you, and maybe introduce a little competition to keep things interesting: who can raise the most sponsorship; go the fastest or furthest in your challenge etc.? You could set up a WhatsApp group between you for training tips, words of encouragement, updates and fun, motivational stuff etc.


5. Fundraise offline if you prefer

If you want to do some good old-fashioned offline fundraising, you can download a sponsorship form with gift aid declarations.


6. Hi-Ho Hi-Ho

Get your friends and family involved – but don’t forget about your colleagues! Fundraising in the workplace can be very effective – if it’s allowed, of course. Circulate the link to your fundraising page – maybe even include the link in your email signature for extra exposure! Some businesses will be keen to support their employees with a donation or publicity and might even offer matched-funding – it doesn’t hurt to ask, if you feel it’s appropriate.


7. Encourage supporters to add Gift Aid if they can

Encourage your supporters to add Gift Aid to their donation (if they are UK tax payers). Venture Arts can reclaim 25p for every £1 donated from the tax the donor pays for the current tax year. For example, a £10 donation with Gift Aid added is worth £12.50 to Venture Arts – at no extra charge to the donor. 


8. Post, share and stay social

Keep your followers and contacts ‘posted’ on your fundraising progress and share content on your social media platforms – in the build-up to your challenge to generate some buzz around it, during and after – including thanking them for their support and celebrating your achievements with them!

9. Connect with us

Engage with Venture Arts on social media too: we’d love to showcase your amazing efforts and the challenges you’re doing. You can tag us at:

Instagram: @Venturearts_

Twitter: @VentureArts

Facebook: VentureArtsManchester

10. Bask in your glory

Just after your event/fundraising activity is over is a great time to make one last push for donations – people will want to congratulate you on a job well done. Make sure you post about your success on social media and tag us too, so we can share. Then, put your feet up and enjoy the moment!

11. Say thank you

Don’t forget to thank everybody who supports you! Give them our thanks too and let them know about Venture Arts’ work and the important difference that their generous contributions will make.


Thank you and good luck with your fundraiser. We’re here to help along the way. Just call us on 0161 232 1223 or email Kathryn at