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We’re always happy to hear from journalists and writers who are interested in Venture Arts and our work. Please contact Debbie Cowley, Marketing and Communications Officer, on 0161 232 1223 or email

About us

Our Impact

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“VA doesn’t see labels or limits, it sees creativity and that is how it should be. It gives people hope about themselves”

Emlyn, participating artist

Venture Arts reached more people and delivered more work than ever before in 2022-23.

  • We delivered over 1850 in-house sessions, and many more through outreach
  • We worked with over 190 artists
  • 120 young people engaged in our school projects
  • 33 learning disabled artists were employed or sold work
  • £10,500 was generated from artwork sales
  • 30 partnerships were developed with other organisations
  • 19 partners collaborated on our Cultural Enrichment Programme, providing 20 placements for learning disabled artists
  • Audiences of 110,922 (physical) and 721,474 (digital) saw our work
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Venture Arts has a profound impact on people’s wellbeing, independence, social lives, skills and future prospects.  From research by consultants Social Value Business (Venture Arts Social Value Report, 2017):


  • 100% of our artists reported feeling happier
  • 69% less anxious
  • 92% had improved communication, leading to less social isolation
  • 62% had developed confidence and skills to be more independent
  • 100% developed new supportive relationships or friendships.
  • Artists’ families showed improved mental health and had stronger support networks

Our people say

"I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Venture Arts”

- Artist, Venture Arts

“I'm getting well from my art, going home feeling good”

- Artist, Venture Arts

“It’s nice to have a safe place to go where you can relax, create and be yourself”

- Artist, Venture Arts

“I’ve never found a resource before or since that genuinely supports my child's needs and complexities, nor one that’s so dedicated and committed to its cause”

Parent, Venture Arts

“My daughter is looking at doing art at college, at a higher level than she would have considered without Venture Arts. She gets ideas and acts on them with confidence”

Parent, Venture Arts

"Venture Arts has made my complex-needs child feel like a real artist who has not only talent but now confidence to share their work"

Parent, Venture Arts

Case studies

Artist Sally Hirst working on a ceramics project

Sally Hirst

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An abstract print created by Ahmed Mohammed in shades of green, blue, red and yellow

Ahmed Mohammed

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A young female artist working on a ceramic pot

Supporting Young People

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Artist Amy Ellison stood behind a desk at the Manchester Museum Shop pricing items. She is smiling at the camera.

Cultural Enrichment Programme

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Other impacts

We’ve given hundreds of school pupils (with and without SEND) the chance to work with learning disabled artists, gaining respect, understanding and aspiration.

We’ve changed Manchester’s cultural landscape through our Cultural Enrichment Programme and other partnerships: of our partner organisations surveyed in 2021, 78% said they had made changes as a result of working with us.

We’re changing the face of the arts sector more widely, by showing the work of learning disabled artists across the UK and increasingly internationally.

If you would like to hear more about any of our impacts, please get in touch with Fundraising and Development Manager Aziza Mills

Get in touch

Venture Arts, 43 Old Birley Street, Manchester, M15 5RF

+44 0161 232 1223

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