Will you help us combat isolation?


Dear friends and supporters

Things are tough for all of us right now. Our lives are on hold while we all try to stop the spread of Covid-19.

For our participants, this is likely to be an even more distressing time. Venture Arts is where they feel they belong; it’s the place they go to create, learn and see friends. For many of them art is their life, and Venture Arts is where they feel happiest.

We’re hearing daily about the anguish that is being felt – the effects on long term health could be very damaging.

To combat the isolation people are experiencing the Venture Arts team has already started to:

• Prepare exciting creative projects for every participant to do at home.
• Send art materials to their homes.
• Use online software to connect with participants in face-to-face tutorials and chats, and where video calling isn’t possible, tutors will be speaking to them on the phone.

Will you help us purchase iPads and art materials for our people, to ensure we can continue to give them what they need?

Please give whatever you can to help our participants get through this. You can read the full statement here.

Follow this link to our Emergency Fund


Venture Arts is an award-winning visual arts charity based in Hulme, Manchester. We support people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential through arts and culture.

Find out more about Venture Arts charity in our short film below.

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