Dominic Bennett (b.1993)

Dominic is a multimedia artist working in photography, film, ceramics and textiles. His influences include ‘The Wind in the Willows’, street art, wrestling, hip hop and social justice movements.

Artist Biography

Dominic has been based at Venture Arts since 2013. During this time he has shown his work in venues across Manchester, as well as London and New York. In 2018 Dominic received the award for ‘Young Creative of The Year’ at The Manchester Culture Awards.


In 2016-17 he took part in ‘Project X’ at HOME Manchester, a year-long professional development programme for talented young creatives from diverse backgrounds. The resulting ‘takeover event’ at HOME, ‘This is Human’, featured Dominic’s Weasel Nation, a playable arcade game he created in partnership with Venture Arts and a professional games designer.


Since 2018 he has been creating an ever-expanding artwork, ‘Weasel Army’ featuring increasing numbers of ceramic weasels. Originally these were all hand made by Dominic, but more recently he has been teaching groups to make their own to add to the army. During the 2020 lockdown, families in Manchester were sent ‘Create your own ceramic weasel’ kits along with video and written instructions by Dominic.


During lockdown Dominic also curated his first solo exhibition, ‘Your Nightmares are Coming to Life’, which he launched on Halloween 2020. Read more about this interactive online exhibition here.


How long have you been making art?

“Since I was a kid I was starting to like making art. I’m 27 and look at me now! I’ve done lots of stuff!”


What are your favourite art materials to work with?

“I like working with clay the best, but also photography and sewing. I love making clay weasels.”


What is your art about?

“It’s about people, photography and graffiti. A lot of my art is about hip hop as well. ”


What, or who, inspires you as an artist?

“Hip hop is my favourite. I like to listen to hip hop while I make art, like Eminem, 2Pac and 50 Cent. I love Wind in the Willows. I am Chief Weasel – join Weasel Nation!”


Why is art important to you?

“I like coming to Venture Arts because I make lots of friends. I love making art – it makes me feel awesome and powerful!”


What has been your proudest moment as an artist?

“I like being in exhibitions like when my weasels were in HOME. When one of my weasels was made in bronze was really good. I’m proud to have done my goal to be a famous artist. I want people to see my fame and glory when they see my art!”




Until It Looks Like This, People’s History Museum, 2022.


Completely A Hustling Place, Manchester Central Library, 2021.


Your Nightmares are Coming to Life, Venture Arts (solo online exhibition), 2020.


The Manchester Open, HOME, 2020.


PERSPECTIVES, Greater Manchester, 2018.


HEY CLLAY! PRRIVATE VIEW, Venture Arts studio show, 2018.


This is Human, HOME Manchester, August 2017 (featuring Weasel Nation, interactive video game designed by Dominic Bennett & Pat Farrell in collaboration with Venture Arts)


Heart ‘n’ Sold, Salford, London and New York, 2015.


TAKK, Cities of Hope, Manchester 2016.