28 April 2021
We are delighted to announce a new creative partnership with specialist architectural lighting company, Studiotech.   Venture Arts will be working with Studiotech on a series of creative projects, together finding new and dynamic ways to bring artwork projects to life and present illuminated work in unusual public settings.   The partnership will begin with the installation of a giant cube light sculpture to feature at the Manchester Flower Show, a city-wide trail of floral displays, green installations, outdoor dining and entertainment, which will take place from 29th May 2021.   Venture Arts artists will consult on the aesthetics and design of the sculpture created by Studiotech, alongside partners Sutton Creative. Mock up of artwork for Manchester Flower showing writing projected with light on to the floor.   Positioned in a prime location in central Manchester, the Manchester Flower Show installation will feature an additional cube which will sit on top with fully programmed pixel boards that can be controlled by members of the public. This futuristic innovation will enable bystanders to change the colour and the artwork featured as part of the installation. The colour of the rainbow inspired images can be changed through a simple tweet and the clever use of hashtags, for example #MCRflowershowyellow or #MCRflowershowred. Venture Arts Director, Amanda Sutton comments:
We are thrilled to be partnering with Studiotech and to be working together on the first of a series of highly visible and dynamic projects, which will enable our artists to marry their artistic vision with technology and to see a unique project brought to life in the centre of Manchester as a vibrant and innovative piece of public art for all to enjoy.”
Studiotech’s Marketing Manager, Natalie Critchard stated:  

When we discovered that the city of Manchester was hosting a flower show to ‘bring the city back’, reunite communities and build confidence, we just knew that it would be the perfect platform to present our new partnerships with Venture Arts and Sutton Creative. For Studiotech, the sculpture represents collaboration, hope, diversity and awareness. We are delighted to have this opportunity to showcase our work and the incredible art from Venture Arts to our local community”.

  Studiotech’s Creative Lead, Karen Owens added:
At Studiotech we have a core belief that it’s a good business to be a good business. We are alive to the mood of the world, deeply attuned to human emotions and mindful of the role we play in our community. When we first met with the Venture Arts family, there was an immediate connection. We knew that together we could create magic and evoke wonder in others. Through the mediums of art and light we will be bold and raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion. Together we will make our world a brighter place”.
  We're thrilled to be partnered with such an exciting and creative company and can't wait to see what the relationship brings over the coming year.   If you think your company would like to get involved in supporting Venture Arts, whether creatively or financially, then have a nosey here or get in touch on 0161 232 1223.
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