19 September 2019
We are thrilled to announce that artist Leslie Thompson has been selected to feature in Project Ability's exhibition, It's In the Detail, as a part of Glasgow International Festival 2020 from 24 April - 10 May 2020.   ANNOUNCEMENT | Leslie Thompson to feature in Glasgow International Festival 2020 1     The theme for 2020 is Attention. As much a method or approach as a theme, Attention asks us to consider how, where and in whom our attention is placed at a time of seemingly constant distraction through, for instance, social media and 24 hour news feeds. What are the opportunities for close looking both in the making and viewing of art, and how we attend to others whom we care for, as well as ourselves?  
It's in the Detail will feature three artists, all whom have a focus on drawing with a sharp eye for composing intricately detailed images.   Congratulations to artists Nils McDiarmid from Garvald Edinburgh and Robin Wise from Newton Dee in Aberdeen who will also feature.   More information here | https://glasgowinternational.org/
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