22 June 2022

BLOG | Learning Disability Week 2022 "

It's Learning Disability Week 2022 from 20th - 26th June. Mencap's annual campaign is all about making sure the world hears what life is like if you have a learning disability.

  It's true that many people don’t know what a learning disability is, or what life can be like for somebody that has one. That's where our Public Engagement Assistant, Amber Okpa-Stother, is here to help. She's celebrating Learning Disability Week 2022 by sharing her personal experience. Thanks Amber...    "I am going to be talking about what it is like having a learning disability day to day and having to cope with it. I have a learning disability and for me sometimes with my dyspraxia that can be hard. I might struggle to open something, which is frustrating as I have to ask someone to help me and when I do it makes me feel useless. I also sometimes struggle managing money and trying to figure out how much change I might get from what I have brought.  I have found the best way to cope with my learning disability is to be determined - I don’t let it stop me doing things, even if sometimes they might be hard for me, I will always try my hardest. BLOG | Learning Disability Week 2022 " 2 Sometimes I get a bit frustrated as people don’t know I’ve got a learning disability as it's not noticeable and sometimes if I am struggling people might not know I need help . This can be frustrating.   If you have a learning disability, remember don’t let it stop you doing what you want to do and if you’re struggling you can ask for help when needed.   I have a few tips of how to manage day to day with a learning disability:  
  1. Make sure you ask for help if you’re struggling.
  2. Once you have achieved something you have found hard this will boost your confidence.
  3. Don’t give up and keep trying.
  4. Believe in yourself as you will get there in the end.
  5. Make sure you talk to others with a learning disability and get advice if you are struggling.
  I asked some of our artists at Venture Arts what it was like for them to have a learning disability.   Josh Brown said;
"Sometimes it’s hard to talk to people as they don’t understand what you are saying to them. When this happens, I think people who are listening to a person need to be patient and understand the person might struggle with their communication."
  Sally Hirst feels frustrated sometimes and told me;
"I wish effort was seen as more important than grades and knowledge."
  Rahima has managed to achieve a lot with her learning disability, she told me;
"I've been to College, I come to Venture Arts and I have even been on TV for BBC Children in Need. I've also worked with HOME and with the Royal Exchange."
    Our Venture Arts artists show just how much can be achieved with a learning disability and they should all be proud of themselves for all their hard work. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and never forget don't let a learning disability hold you back from achieving anything you want to.   #LDWeeks2022
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