14 July 2020
Dear friends and supporters,   An astonishing number of you have helped our artists feel less isolated from the world during lockdown. Thanks to you, our people have had a friendly, reassuring and consistent experience provided by Venture Arts whilst they've been stuck at home. However - they still need your help. Our artists are desperate to get back to the studio. Remote art sessions have worked well for many, but cannot replicate the joyful, lively, productive atmosphere of Venture Arts.   
"Venture Arts is about the people, my friends, the staff. It is amazing. I have purpose, we have fun together ...I will feel much happier if I can get back to Venture Arts." -Josh Brown, artist
Before they can return, we need to undertake a thorough health and safety consultation and redesign the studio with many new measures in place. A full-time on-site cleaner and PPE will ensure people are as safe as possible whilst at Venture Arts. Some people will need to remain at home for longer, and art sessions will still take place remotely for those who need them.   But these things can't happen without your help. Reopening safely, whilst still providing remote sessions, comes at a large additional cost.  

Please click here and give what you can to help our artists return to their studio.

  With heartfelt thanks from all of us.
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