7 April 2022
This April VA Collectives event, FLORA VICTORIOUS, will be performed at the Venice Biennale 2022.   This exciting performance will be Venture Arts' first inclusion in the Venice Biennale, one of the longest running cultural festivals in the world. Selected by PROFORMA to be part of their exhibit, PROFORMA Pavilion is a one-day extravaganza of films and performances in collaboration with Longsight Art Space and Venture Arts. EVENT | Flora Victorious | 2022 marks five years of PROFORMA and in this time they have developed from the concept of a one-day contemporary live art exhibition, to an artist development and live art commissioning organisation. Together we are extremely excited to present FLORA VICTORIOUS in Venice, a performance by Venture Arts artists Joe Mills and Raven Keating, and artist Ruby Tingle. NEWS | Venture Arts artists take FLORA VICTORIOUS to the Venice Biennale 2022 1 Joe and Ruby have been working together over several months, combining their practices to create a soundscape and immersive performance based on their explorations together in the natural world. Ruby Tingle is an audiovisual artist and performer who creates fleeting self portraits, placing herself at the centre of a body of work which focuses on “unnatural history” and its own folklore. Joe Mills is based at Venture Arts Studios and uses textiles, light and movement to make joyous, colourful work from nature-based research, rooted in fairytale imagery, TV and high fashion. Both artists have an inventive and experimental approach and have created FLORA VICTORIOUS, a dreamy multi-textured set in which they work together intuitively as performers.   Raven Keating is an artist working mainly in digital animation and projection mapping. He has collaborated with Joe and Ruby for this performance producing a bespoke animation and projected light work.   FLORA VICTORIOUS will be performed as part of PROFORMA Pavilion at Pase Platform, Venice on 22nd April.   The performance will be available to watch live on PROFORMA’s Instagram from 6.30pm GMT (7.30pm in Venice), when there will be an introduction from PROFORMA Pavilion curator Chris Bailkoski, followed by FLORA VICTORIOUS at 7pm GMT (8pm in Venice). Follow @_proforma_   NEWS | Venture Arts artists take FLORA VICTORIOUS to the Venice Biennale 2022
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