4 April 2019

Sara Jaspan reviews Jennie Franklin's solo exhibition 'Well Done, Good Draw' at Bury Art Museum

Jennie Franklin: 'Well Done, Good Draw' | Presents her first solo exhibition at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre | 5 March 2019
Amidst these undulating and unregulated rhythms, a cast of familiar children’s television characters, onomatopoeic phrases and brand logos repeatedly appear; their persistence reminding me of the medley of songs (earworms) that never quite leave my own head. - Sara Jaspan | The Fourdrinier
  the Fourdrinier is an online magazine dedicated to contemporary artists working with paper. Read the review here Jennie Franklin's solo show is currently on display at Bury Art Museum until 28 April 2019 - Find out more
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