4 November 2020

Fancy supporting our artists to develop their talents and learn exciting new skills? Of course you do!

Well this is one of the easiest opportunities you'll get... Become a Co-op Member and select Venture Arts as your local cause. 

  We’re thrilled to announce we have been selected as a Co-op Local Community Fund (LCF) cause.   Being chosen as a Co-op LCF cause for 2020/21 will give us the opportunity to raise money for a laser cutter for wood/metal engraving and, if we generate enough funds, an etching printing press. This will be especially exciting as it’s a long time since we’ve invested in major pieces of kit, enabling our artists to enjoy learning new creative and technical skills. The Co-op’s latest LCF round is now open until next October, and you can help raise the funds we need!   To start with, you’ll need to be a Co-op Member. You can sign-up online for just £1. Then, for every £1 you spend on selected Co-op products/services, 2p goes back to you and Co-op gives the same to support community organisations (1p) and local causes like Venture Arts (1p). Throughout the year, the more of you that ‘select and spend’ for our cause, the more our funds will mount up!  

How to select Venture Arts as your Co-op local cause

As a Co-op Member, you’re automatically assigned a choice from the three causes nearest to where you live.   However, you can manually select Venture Arts, following these simple steps:  
  • Sign in as a Co-op Member
  • Go to ‘Choose a Local Cause’
  • If you live in Hulme or nearby, select Venture Arts from the three causes in your area
  • If you live elsewhere (up to a 15 mile radius), scroll down the page to ‘find other causes’, then search on ‘Skills’ in the cause category and Venture Arts should come up in the list, for you to select.
  Please do give it a go. We’d love to have your support - so that our artists can develop their artistic talents and learn new skills with a laser cutter and even a printing press!   If you have any questions please get in touch at info@venturearts.org   Huge thanks to Co-op for their support! Support our artists to learn new skills with the Co-op Local Community Fund  
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