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Rafał Dziemidok

Rafal collaborated with Horace Lindezey on Backtracks, a multidisciplinary installation and with sound artist Daniel Hendrickson which showed at Kammermachen Festival, Chemnitz 2023 and at Pas-E for Venice Biennale 2024

Rafał Dziemidok is an independent dancer, actor, choreographer, theatre director, improvisation coach, writer and resides in Berlin. He delivers stage and site-specific work, pieces with amateurs and professional dancers, group and solo performances, constantly searching for the abstract language and precision of the personal stories told on stage. Since 2018 Rafal has worked in a duet with Martin Clausen and is a cofounder and leader of Koncentrat Artistic Group.

Rafal collaborated with Horace Lindezey on Backtracks, a multidisciplinary installation and with sound artist Daniel Hendrickson.A sound and dance installation made in response to Horace Lindezey’s sound work and playlist They built the flats in ’69, originally commissioned by Castlefield Gallery Manchester. This collaboration and exchange was part of Venture Arts CoLab series via a partnership with Taupunkt e.V., Chemnitz and reprised at Venice Biennale 2024 at pas-E.

Backtracks follows threads of erosion, disappearance, remaining and enduring. The piece searches for traces of the past, via an exploration of the sound of records from a time long gone, played too often, held too close. The music might be forgotten, but the traces remain, on the vinyl, in the ear, in the body. Both the body and the record are articles of use and abuse, are archives of facts, as well as fantasies, our curses and our blessings.

Rafal has danced with and for:
Martin Clausen (Berlin), Two Fish/Theater an der Parkaue (Berlin), Julian Rosefeld (Berlin), Public and Private/Clement Layes (Berlin), Novoflot (Berlin), Theater o.N. (Berlin), Dada von Bzdulow (Gdańsk), Gdański Teatr Tańca (Gdańsk), Compagnie Yvette Bozsik (Budapest), Teatr Powszechny (Warsaw).

RD choreographs in theatre, opera and film:
Tragedy-Medea (Polish Dance Theatre, 2007), The Conquest of Mexico (Staatstheater Saarbrücken, 2012), Kiss of the Spider Woman (Teatr Studio, Warszawa, 2017 – as director), Julietta (Wupperthaler Bühnen GmBH, 2018), Heart of the Factory (European Solidarity Center, Gdańsk/Adam Mickiewicz Institute, 2018) and others.

Major festivals and venues:
Springdance/Preview (Utrecht), Les Hivernales (Avignon), euroscene (Leipzig),The Place (London), Dublin Dance Festival, Body/Mind (Warsaw), SIC! (Warsaw), CSW Zamek Ujazdowski (Warsaw), LaMaMa (NYC), Phildelphia LiveArts, DaSpace/St Marks Church (NYC), Lublin Dance Festival, Stary Browar (Poznań), Springforward (Lubljana), Les Plateaux at cdc Valde Marne, Azkuna Centroa (Bilbao), Polish Dance Platforms (2008, 2014); HAU (Berlin), Uferstudios (Berlin), sirenos (Vilnius) and others.

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