15 June 2021
It's Learning Disability Week 2021 and the theme this year is art and creativity! At Venture Arts we're committed to raising the profile of neurodiverse artists, providing opportunities for them to play an active role in arts and culture.   Our Public Engagement Assistant Amber, is a neurodiverse artist herself and works hard in her role to advocate for people with learning disabilities. In celebration of Learning Disability Week she has created two wonderful videos; in the first she has curated a slideshow of amazing artwork by some of her favourite Venture Arts artists. In the second video she highlights her own achievements as a neurodivergent individual. Watch and enjoy!           Amber has also written a blog about employment and the importance of recruiting a diverse workforce, which you can read here.   Find out more about Learning Disability Week here.   #LearningDisabilityWeek #LDWeek2021  
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