18 January 2021
WARM-HEARTS WINTER CHALLENGE: Up for a feel-good challenge this winter? 1

Our Warm-hearts Winter Challengers have been dancing, walking, running and doing push-ups to raise much-needed funds for Venture Arts.

Their efforts are paying off. So far, they've raised a combined total of almost £2,000! They aim to take the total past £2,500 with a little help from their friends, family and Venture Arts supporters.

  Funds raised through our Warm-hearts campaign will go towards the additional costs we’ll face when we return to the studio. Not everyone will be able to return to Venture Arts at once – so we’ll need more staff hours to deliver a dual in-house/online service. We’ll also need to pay for a full time cleaner and additional equipment to ensure our studio is safe.  
Venture Arts artist Liam has taken on a fantastic challenge for our Warm Hearts Winter Challenge. He's doing at least 80 press-ups every day. He started in December and is continuing throughout January - so he's putting a lot of 'elbow-work' into his fundraiser!
"Venture Arts has helped me so much in meeting new people and learning new skills and now I'd like to help support by raising money. I chose press-ups because I really enjoy exercise." 
  Can you help our push-ups champ get closer to his target? It would mean so much to Liam and would really motivate him! If so, please donate here.   Here's what our other 'challengers' have been getting up to:
                                                                                                                               Josh and his mum Chris are walking around reservoirs where they live.  
Shirley (mother of Michael who created the amazing original artwork for the campaign) is running/walking 150km throughout January.
Disco-dare Warm-hearts Winter Fundraising Challenge Kathryn, our Events Fundraiser (above), completed a Disco Dare of 3 hours (and 5 mins) none-stop dancing.  
Thank you for any support you feel able to give to our warm-hearted fundraisers.
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