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Josh Brown

Zine; Films


Amy first discovered Venture Arts when she was at college in 2010. She started coming weekly to do her Bronze Arts Award, and after leaving college she joined Venture Arts’ photography group. She has since worked in painting, collage, drawing, printing and textiles.

Josh Brown is a photographer and printmaker, whose passion for film comes through in his art. His body of work includes poster designs for some of his favourite films and photography of architecture.

This zine features Amy and Josh's illustrations of their favourite films, alongside their synopsis of each film. See Josh's work in the first half of the zine, then flip it over to see Amy's in the other half.

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Zine; Films


Amy Ellison and Josh Brown, Films

A5 Full Colour Illustrated Zine

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About the artist

Josh Brown

A photographer and printmaker, whose passion for film comes through in his art.

Stencil print by Josh Brown, inspired by the film 'Jaws' with a shark swimming in blue water, with the word 'JAWS' in red at the top.


We are delighted when people want to commission work from us and our artists. This can either be as a group project or an individual artist creating one of their unique pieces for you.

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