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Joe Beedles

Joe Beedles has worked with Venture Arts artists on the 'Conversations Series II: Other Transmissions' and at the 'Abundance' exhibition working with artist Sally Hirst.

Joe primarily works with synthetic sound and laser. His live laser show makes use of a sound palette comprised of highly detailed computer music abstractions, auditory illusions and physically-modelled instruments. The audio is synchronised with the laser beam via shared analogue signals resulting in a hypnotic and captivating aerial display.

Joe’s work has been featured in both club and gallery contexts internationally and he has held residencies at The Banff Centre, Canada (2016), Chongqing, China (2017), Johannesburg, South Africa & Maputo, Mozambique with the British Council (2019).

Joe was involved in Conversations Series II: Other Transmissions, 2018-19, who says ‘without a doubt the most fulfilling project of my artistic career’. Through the topics the artists discussed during their weekly meetings, Joe gained valuable insights and different perspectives about his work, other people, and the labels we’re quick as a society to attach to things and people.

In early 2023 he was commissioned by Venture Arts to create an artistic response to Kathy Wilmott‘s work as part of Abundance. Joe developed and presented an accessible laser show ‘Cheshire Cat quanta’ at Longsight Art Space in March 2023, working with Sally Hirst.

Visit Joe’s website here.

Joe Beedles's exhibitions and events

  • LIVE AV, Joe Beedles - ‘Cheshire Cat quanta’


  • LIVE AV, WEȽ∝KER (5th Order Ambisonics)

    IKLECTIK, London


    Dai Hall, Huddersfield



We are delighted when people want to commission work from us and our artists. This can either be as a group project or an individual artist creating one of their unique pieces for you.

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