Justin Lees


Justin is one of Venture Arts youngest artists and has been working with us since he was 13. He is a talented illustrator with a vivid imagination.

Artist Biography

When he first came to Venture Arts Justin really wanted someone to help him make his “picture moves” and used to get frustrated that he didn’t know how to make them do this. He made his first animation called “Stack’s in Jail” and has since made many more. He has also expanded his skill set to use in embroidery in some of his drawings, for example “Bee family portrait” and “Mr Garrelson and the Robots”.


Justin has a unique drawing style and his stories and illustrations mainly feature himself as the main character. In addition to drawing he has a keen interest in watching animations, especially Pixar and Aardman animations, which are a huge influence of his work. Although only 19 Justin has already had some success with his artwork, gaining a commission from Children in Need in 2012 to make Terry Wogan’s 70th birthday card and having his artwork shown as a backdrop to rock band ‘Inspiral Carpet’ gigs.