1 February 2019

The Conversations Series new website documents a five-month long artistic collaboration which began by looking at how artists see themselves, how the art world sees them and the tricky area of labelling of art genres

Conversations Series | Artist Residency Project Launch New Website | 31/01/2019 1  


  Conversations Series is a programme of four artistic projects and residencies delivered by Venture Arts aimed at creating new work in a shared exchange of art and ideas. This programme brings together a range of learning disabled and non-learning disabled artists to develop collaborative, reciprocal learning and creative exchanges. Through this we hope to generate open conversations and new dialogues about the role of art in contemporary society.   This new website will host the Conversations Series programme and currently documents the artists' journeys over the course of Conversations Series II. Led by Venture Arts and in partnership with Castlefield Gallery and the Whitworth, Conversations Series II is a collaborative residency that has brought together three learning-disabled artists who are part of the Venture Arts' supported studios, working alongside the three visual artists from the north west of England. The group have been developing shared ideas, creating new work, and reflecting on the labels placed upon us by society. This residency builds on the success of OutsiderXchanges from 2015-16.   Resident artists ; Joe Beedles, James DesserAmy Ellison, Frances Heap, Andrew Johnstone, and John Powell-Jones.   Venture Arts will present Conversations Series II to the public for the first time in at Tate Exchange at Tate Liverpool and at Artlink Hull in March 2019. Keep up to date with the upcoming events and exhibitions and the project- https://www.conversations-series.com/
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