27 September 2021
Artists Justin P. Lees and Leslie Thompson were selected by Partisan Collective to produce designs of their choice on the shutters outside the Partisan studio on Oldfield Road in Salford.   After a few false starts due to wet weather, this month they finally got to deliver.  Check them out below! 
A selection of images of Justin and Leslie creating their murals Partisan is a co-operative arts and social space in Salford. As a collective it provides an inclusive, accessible, not-for-profit platform and space, where members meet, share, learn and create together.  
Justin and Leslie were both thrilled to have been selected by Partisan and created stunning large scale murals in their distinctive styles. Justin’s is a self portrait and plug for ‘The Justin Movie’ and Leslie’s a scene from Tarzan, one of this favourite comics and films. If you’re in Salford go check them out and send us a selfie!
Justin stood in front of the design he has painted on the Partisan shutter.
Leslie stood in front of his design on the Partisan shutter.   If you'd like to commission Justin, Leslie or any of our artists please get in touch at info@venturearts.org
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